About Prescient Sci-Fi

Great science fiction is more than just cool gadgets, weird aliens, or spaceships. It is about creating stunning visions of what could be and of what our lives could become. It provides a unique perspective on the challenges we face today or may face in the future. Science fiction allows us to explore new possibilities, problem’s we’ve never considered, or terrify us with unimagined nightmares.

Prescient is dedicated to publishing high quality science fiction from new authors with an emphasis on originality, plausibility, and exceptional storytelling.

We are also dedicated to publishing and promoting the work of new authors, especially unpublished and unrepresented authors still trying to breakthrough in this very tough profession. Not only do we want to publish and promote our own products, we want to promote the science fiction genre as a whole. As they say: “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

We publish in several formats from full-length novels to short stories. In addition Prescient also puts out analysis and commentary of the genre, including editorials, interviews, podcasts, and book reviews.

If you are interested in submitting your work please see our submission guidelines.

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