– Paulie Spiceflow –

It is hard to understand what the people behind Andron were trying to accomplish. There are all sorts of cryptic lines, symbols, and some sort of hunger games in the middle of it all but nothing is clearly explained. Alec Baldwin and Danny Glover star in this low budget dystopian action film that left me asking “what the hell was that?”

The movie opens with a young woman who awakens in a mysterious maze-like industrial complex. She has no memory of who she is or what is going on. There are others in this vast industrial complex as well, all equally confused. From a futuristic, Spartan office Adam (Alec Baldwin) watches them and talks to himself. His comments suggest the people stuck in the complex are part of some game. Danny Glover plays Chancellor Gordon, who is a political figure similar to President Snow in Hunger Games. He watches with interest. All of this takes place in a dystopian world of limited description and coherency. Apparently there was a nuclear apocalypse perpetrated by nine mega corporations who sought to rule over the ashes. It is said 9 billion people were killed and a few billion remain, all enslaved to the nine corporations. A couple of the people stuck inside the complex or maze manage to learn the truth and seek to escape and share the truth with the world.

If you’re confused, you’re not alone. While it is clearly a cheap copy of Hunger Games and Maze Runner, it is far more incoherent. Beyond the unoriginal game there is a dystopian world ruled by nine powers that still call themselves corporations for some reason. What they sell I have no idea. Given that the entire planet is filled with slaves, I have no idea who they sell their wares too. There are vast ultra modern cities, so you get the impression there is some sort of middle class and upper class but you never really see them. You see the 1% and the slaves, that’s it.

Why do the corporations, also called the network for some reason, need to kill off so many slaves? Why use such a ridiculously pointless and elaborate game for it?

No one told the contestants it was a survival game with only one winner. Apparently they were supposed to know that. The contestants, while attractive, have no personalities or even names. The dialogue is bizarre, with moments where they seem to take their predicament in stride, putting it all together with relative ease. Some of the scenes are so awkward, I cringed. The hand-to-hand combat was average at best. There are strange circular structures and symbols all over the maze complex, all without explanation.

Why is the movie called Andron? No idea. I checked on Wikipedia and could not find a definition that fit the premise of this movie. There is no social commentary, no message of any kind in the games themselves or in the dystopia. If the action and climax were strong enough, this movie might gain a following from the general movie audience. Unfortunately, it fails to deliver much action and has a mystifying climax.

Andron was a straight to streaming film, so most of you probably never heard of it. That is good. There just simply not enough movie here to really make sense of what the director and writer were trying to accomplish. Avoid this one.


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