The Ultimate Green Energy: Breakthroughs in Fusion Technology

  – By Jacob Foxx – Anyone who has played SimCity knows fusion is the ultimate power source. It has the potential to produce enormous amounts of electricity with limited radioactive byproducts and no emissions. Scientists have known about fusion for decades but have struggled to make any breakthroughs until recently. Two news releases suggests […]

Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy Coming to HBO

  – By Jacob Foxx – For years HBO has been on the forefront of combining drama with softcore porn. Their original programming tries to involve sex as many ways as possible, sometimes tastefully other times not so much. Given its extensive experience in drama and sex, HBO was the ideal choice to launch a […]

The Movies of Fall

                    – By Paulie Spiceflow – The summer of giant lizards, apes, and superheroes is over. The falling temperatures and turning leaves bring a change in mood. Explosions, martial arts fighting, and witty one-liners just don’t do it anymore. That doesn’t mean we won’t have blockbusters. […]

A New Dawn for Star Wars

– By Paulie Spiceflow – It is hard to avoid talking about the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode VII. The franchise that captured the imagination of hundreds of millions across the world is coming back to the big screen. Along with it, a new line of Star Wars novels written in collaboration with the […]

Welcome to Prescient Sci-Fi Online

  Welcome! We are very pleased and excited to launch the Prescient Sci-Fi website. Prescient is dedicated to publishing high quality science fiction from new authors. Whether it is stories about space, time travel, or genetic engineering, we want to develop and publish compelling stories that give unique new perspectives on ourselves and the world. […]