TC 012: Mockingjay and Thoughts on Hunger Games Trilogy

I go solo to discuss The Hunger Games Trilogy and its ridiculous success. How did Suzanne Collins do it? How do I write a bestseller and make insane amounts of money? Also I reference several internet memes that might need some explanation.                           […]

TC 011: Battlemechs and World Building Tips

Will we ever fight with battlemechs? On this episode I take on the question of whether a walking mech is or will ever be practical on the battlefield. Also, I talk about the prospects of a robot fighting league and a little advice for those writing military science fiction. Here are some links Fighting Robot […]

TC 009: Writing Machiavellian Characters

I go solo for this episode to discuss creating and developing Machiavellian-style characters. The success of Game of Thrones, Rome, and the classic Dune show there is a huge demand for realpolitik storylines with dynamic Machiavellian characters. Books Mentioned The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli The Godfather, Mario Puzo History of the Peleponesian War, Thucydides 48 Laws […]

TC 005: Sad Puppies

I go solo to discuss the controversy surrounding this year’s Hugo Awards. An insurgent group of angry authors and fans calling themselves Sad Puppies have hijacked the awards, getting their own slate of books nominated in every category.   Is it establishment versus outsiders? Is it liberal versus conservative? Or is it multiculturalism versus intolerance? […]