Ark Royal by Christopher Nuttall

– By Jacob Foxx – With Ark Royal, what you see is what you get. There’s a giant spaceship on the cover with a couple starfighters blasting away over some alien planet. Inside there are mass drivers, plasma cannons, rail guns, nuclear missiles, alien spaceships, and all sorts of other cool stuff. It reads like […]

The Circuit: Executor Rising by Rhett C. Bruno

– Review by Jacob Foxx – The Circuit: Executor Rising is a solid high tech space opera from indie author Rhett C. Bruno. It is a brutal take on the future of humanity and our less than ideal nature. Fast-paced and full-of action, it introduces readers to the beginning of a long epic. The ending […]

2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson

2312 is an amazing work in some ways, a fairly dull one in others. The book takes you 300 years into the future with plausible futuristic technologies, locations, scenery, and societies. From space travel to sex changes, it covers an incredible amount of ground, hitting on nearly all subjects of science fiction. This was my […]

The Soul Consortium by Simon West-Bulford

The Soul Consortium has incredible depth, scientific brilliance, captivating narration, and an ending that left me asking myself dozens of questions about the experience. Novels like this are extremely rare. Salem Ben is the last of his kind, an advanced human living on a vast artificial moon known as the soul consortium. Technology allows humanity […]

The Unincorporated Man by Dani and Eytan Kollin

Reviewer: Paulie Spiceflow The Unincorporated Man is a science fiction novel about economics, corporate greed, and individual liberty. Unfortunately the authors of this 500 page bomb know nothing about economics, corporate greed or individual liberty. Never mind the underdeveloped writing style and pitiful plotting, the premise of the entire book is so flawed even Tim […]

Cyberstorm, by Matthew Mather

Reviewer: Jacob Foxx Self-published author Matthew Mather has enjoyed great success in the past year. With two bestsellers and a movie deal with 20th Century Fox, he is another example of the growing potential of the non-traditional self-publishing pathway for authors. Cyberstorm is his second novel (if you combine the Atopia Chronicles into one book), […]

The Maze Runner, by James Dashner

Review: Jacob Foxx The era of dark science fiction continues with another young adult dystopia from James Dashner. The Maze Runner is another story about our bleak future and the importance that the youth will play in our redemption. The movie comes out soon and is generating some buzz. It is a good read, but […]