New Sci Fi Releases This Week 4/17

Here are a few new releases in science fiction that caught our attention. The vast majority are from small presses or are self-published with the occasional title from a big publisher sprinkled in. These are handpicked based on customer reviews, plot summary, author, or just our gut feeling.

If you are a self-published author or one who has a novel being released through a small press, let us know and we may include it on our weekly new releases post. If it really makes an impression, Prescient may post a review and may send an interview request for Thoughtcrime, our official Podcast.

Last of the Old GodsLast of the Far Gods

Corbin Maxwell

Publisher: Zharmae

On the dusty surface of a dying Earth, the few remaining humans cling to whatever gods, old or new, that they can find, placing their faith in remnants of a forgotten past or the mysterious promises of a prophet without a face or shape. But the gods of the twelve towers remain in their massive cities, spinning new realities for those who would seek them out.











Otzi's CurseOtzi’s Curse

Mary June

Publisher: World Castle Publishing

When Adam Barfield went on a quiet sabbatical in the Italian Alps, the last thing he expected to find was a cursed secret that would change the world forever…

Adam Barfield was an aloof neuroscientist teaching at U.C. Berkeley, California. Friendless, childless, he was known only for the clinical detachment lent both by his profession and progressive Asperger’s. So no one could believe their eyes when nine months after a quiet Italian sabbatical, the secretive Dr. Barfield returned home with a baby boy.

Adam abruptly unveiled groundbreaking research, patenting a miraculous immune serum that revolutionized modern medicine itself. The scientific community was at his fingertips, yet marveled at Adam’s refusal to reveal the source of these godsend cures. Presidents and World Health Organizations alike worked night and day to unravel the mystery, hoping to produce worldwide applications of his miracle cure.

However, even in the bright glare of the limelight, Dr. Barfield knew what he had done. And he knew well the inevitable curse waiting for him…



Freedom HateFreedom/Hate

Kyle Andrews

Publisher: Self-Published

Everything they say on the news is a lie. To question that lie is a crime.

Collin Powers knows the truth. As a low ranking member of an underground movement, his job is to transport some of the most illicit materials in the city… Books. When a simple exchange goes wrong, Collin is forced to run. Now wanted for terrorism and murder, he is desperate and alone. The world believes that he is a monster, but the only thing Collin wants is freedom.

As news of the fugitive filters through the city, high school student Libby Jacobs is just trying to make it through her everyday life. A terrorist is murdering people in the streets. Her mother is sick, and getting worse every day. Her cousin is hiding a dangerous secret, which could threaten her entire family. The truth is something that Libby doesn’t want to know. It will tear her world apart. It will bring her face to face with everything that she has always been taught to hate.