New Sci Fi Releases This Week 3/13

Here are a few new releases in science fiction that caught our attention. The vast majority are from small presses or are self-published with the occasional title from a big publisher sprinkled in. These are handpicked based on customer reviews, plot summary, author, or just our gut feeling.

If you are a self-published author or one who has a novel being released through a small press, let us know and we may include it on our weekly new releases post. If it really makes an impression, Prescient may post a review and may send an interview request for Thoughtcrime, our official Podcast.

Progeny of ValeProgeny of Vale (Circuit #2)

Rhett C. Bruno

Publisher: Diversion Books

After arriving on Ceres Prime, ADIM, ever the loyal companion created by Cassius Vale, is hesitant to help the Ceresians. Their hatred for his Creator will never wane and he starts to understand the danger all of Cassius’ many rivals pose. ADIM must realize the true magnitude of his abilities in order to keep him safe.

When Sage Volus finds herself a captive of Cassius, she begins to struggle with her role in the coming war, and what exactly it means to be an Executor. The removal of her cybernetic implant reveals emotions she thought she’d buried too deep to be found. She must make a decision on who she truly wants to serve: Cassius Vale, The Tribune, or herself.

After breaking free of the Solar-Ark Amerigo and certain death, Talon Rayne finds himself in unusual company. His quests to hold his daughter again brings him to places he never thought he’d go–into the very arms of his people’s most hated foe.

As the battle grows ever closer, threatening the all-out war that could annihilate millions, these four must determine what part they intend to play, who they will align themselves with, and what it means to be human in a universe where that means less and less.


CatalystCatalyst (Ronos #1)

Tyler Rudd Hall

Publisher: Self-Published

The city of Northgate has just been attacked by aliens, and Mac Narrad’s family is right in the middle of it. Searching through the rubble to find them, Mac discovers an awful truth.

The alien attack was fake. Orchestrated by the earth military that Mac is a part of. Now he must search the galaxy for answers. His quest leads him to the mysterious planet of Ronos. A secret planet hidden by Earth’s military. A planet full of life, beauty, and a potential that could alter everything. There Mac finds answers that will change himself and the rest of humanity forever…









Wishing for SurvivalWish for Survival (Embracing Entropy #2)

Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Publisher: European Geeks

As Earth dies, leaving its inhabitants struggling to survive, an alien race offers an unimaginable option: to relocate humans to their own planet on the far end of the universe. The Campbells, one of the last surviving families, quickly realize humanity’s hope for survival may come with a price. Accepting a new way of life, acclimating to a new atmosphere, and trying to fight against a universe that seems set on tearing them apart offers many struggles. Can the Campbell’s make it through, together?










Robot Evolution 1 thru 5Robot Evolution: Perfect Partners, Vols. 1-5

Ann Christy

Publisher: Self-Published

Step into the world of sentient androids. Humans no longer have to woo a human mate or wait for that perfect match…they simply order their heart’s desire and live life to the fullest. Called PePrs – say it like pepper, the spice – they have become indispensable to humanity. They do the jobs we don’t want to do, act as our windows to the wider world, fill all our social needs, and have become the expressions of our collective will. From the battlefield to the dog pound, from our perfect mate to the nanny that cares for our children…almost every task can now be done by a PePr, leaving humans to explore a life free of drudgery.

It sounds perfect. Then again, things that start perfect don’t usually stay that way.

Each of the novellas in this volume is a stand alone work. There are no cliff-hangers, but there might be tears, gasps, and smiles. Who will you root for? Human or PePr…choose your side!






Culture, TheThe Culture

Kenneth Justice

Publisher: Lambrequin Books

In a bleak future, humanity has created advanced technological machines that operate every facet of society. No longer needing to work or labor, humans now spend their entire days online playing video games as a way of earning money and all of their spare time engaged in social networks.

Injustice, inequality, and all of the evils of past societies have been eradicated.

Five friends find a book that is about to change their lives forever.