Season Finale Moves Colony To New Phase of Story, But Still Offers Little Hope

– By Paulie Spiceflow –


USA’s dystopian drama has explored some dark places, and it appears they are about to get darker. From hostile occupation to concentration camps, the only atrocity left is senseless genocide. If that is where we are heading, fans will need a lot of Prozac. Colony continues to deliver quality drama and action, but didn’t quite deliver the hope needed to keep viewers from hugging their pillows in despair.

The Bowmans escaped the LA block just in time. The Raps decided to do total rendition, moving the entire population to the factory on the Moon. Broussard, riddled with guilt, stayed behind. His resistance operations brought the rendition punishment down on LA and cost the lives of virtually every member of his cell. The consolation is that the gauntlet, a key piece of alien technology, made it out of the block. Only, the Bowmans don’t know where to take it.

How exactly is the resistance supposed to win? There is rumor of a Rap defector, helping the humans in their fledgling rebellion. One Rap? Our hopes for liberation hang with a single alien? We also heard from the Governor General that there is dissent among the Rap leadership. Some are hardliners, others are moderates who have opposed using extreme measures to keep humanity in line. Extreme measures like mass murder, wiping out entire cities. Americans can certainly relate, given the opposition that has lined up against every foreign war since Vietnam.

Is Colony going to turn into a commentary on foreign occupation? Maybe the Raps are doing this to us for our own good. I hope not. The whole The Day the Earth Stood Still-“they’re here to put us in check” theme has been done far too many times.

As good as Colony has been in two seasons, it is hard to see where it can go from here. The last few episodes have largely abandoned these themes in exchange for a good old fashion rebellion. There aren’t many sympathetic collaborators left. We haven’t learned what happened to Beau or Jennifer McMahon. Beau is outside the block, so the Bowmans could easily run into him. That’d be a clever way to get Carl Weathers back into the show. Snyder remains a bit of a wild card.

If Colony cannot give the audience hope in season 3, it will steadily bleed off fans. The production values, alien tech, and gun fights are not enough to sustain this show. There are plenty of other places viewers can get those sort of things. What set it apart was its thoughtful examination of a genuine police state and the nature of a resistance movement. It didn’t romanticize it, but kept true to the challenges of a people living under brutal occupation. With those elements fading, it becomes just another sci-fi action show.


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