What We Are Looking For

Prescient publishes science fiction exclusively. This covers anything you’d find in the science fiction section of a bookstore, including alternate history and alternate reality novels. We have a preference for adult science fiction but are willing to read and take on great young adult fiction.

Science fiction is about human experiences with the fantastic, where the fantastic has its roots in natural and physical laws. Sci-Fi can lose its way when it fixates on the fantastic and neglects the human element. Great stories don’t sacrifice drama for exposition. After all, we want to publish fiction, not textbooks.

Prescient also seeks fiction that has rarely-examined themes. Some technologies and plotlines have been thoroughly explored, including faster-than-light travel, first contact, and artificial intelligence. Rather than join the crowd, Prescient wants stories that explore often ignored fields of knowledge such as biotechnology, psychology, and ecology. Your story doesn’t have to be the first of its kind but don’t submit something because you think it’s trendy.

We are also interested in unique story lines, original and dynamic characters, and exploration of cutting edge ideas. Prescient Sci-Fi desires to publish novels unafraid to break new ground in the genre and avoid the tired formulas all too common today. We are willing to work closely with unpublished and unrepresented authors to achieve this ambitious goal.


Prescient is interested in novel-length manuscripts with a specific interest in adult fiction with unique themes. At this time we are not interested in young adult dystopias or zombie fiction.

Please send a 2-4 page synopsis of your novel, along with the manuscript. All we ask is that the manuscript has had a once over from an editor (minimal spelling and grammar issues). Turnaround varies but should be no longer than six months.

We accept anything between 70,000 and 125,000 words but prefer manuscripts toward the lower end of the range. We are also interested in developing e-book series, where each e-book is novella-length (between 20,000 and 40,000 words). If you are interested in this format, please send us the first couple novella/episodes and a 1-2 page summary of the overall story arc of the series. This will help give us an idea of where you intend to take the series beyond the first couple novellas/episodes.

Short Stories

Unfortunately we do not accept short stories at this time.

Editorial Submissions

Want to post some of your own thoughts on the realm of sci-fi? Prescient wants regular contributors that are articulate, thoughtful, and diligent. As a general rule, we’d like to receive at least 3 blog submissions per month. Currently, we are looking for individuals with backgrounds in computer science or someone with a love for gaming and cyberpunk literature. Prescient also welcomes submissions from writers with a background in science, engineering, or technology. We also have a slot open for a sci-fi junky, one that has a unhealthy obsession with popular sci-fi movies, books, graphic novels, and TV shows. We also want articles covering recent technological innovations and how it relates to society or public policy.

Articles should be no less than 500 words and no more than 1500. Exceptions will be made but only if the topic is particularly expansive. Otherwise, you’ll be asked to break it down into parts. No swearing or blatantly offensive content.

Science Fiction Book Reviews

For reviews, our goal is to promote the science fiction genre as a whole. As they say, “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Part of that objective is to help science fiction authors and publishers that struggle to get attention from traditional media outlets. We encourage reviewers to read and submit reviews of titles from independent publishers and self-published authors. We accept reviews of any adult science fiction novels published in the last ten years.

The purpose of book reviews is to help readers make informed decisions on which books to read next. It is important to convey the general character of the book, its style, and identifying which readers would find the book appealing. Reviews also serve the important function of helping authors reach the target audience that would enjoy it the most.

In addition, we encourage reviewers to submit reviews on books they would give 3 stars or more on a 5-star scale. If you did not enjoy the book or outright hated it, do not submit a review.

If you take pleasure in tearing down a popular book, we have the Lonely Star reviews. This is to get your anger and vitriol at a book out in a free and comical way. The books being reviewed should be high profile.

Reviewers can post their review on other sites, including Goodreads and Amazon customer reviews. Links to their review on Prescient is strongly encouraged and appreciated.

Submission Guidelines for Regular Reviews:

  • Structure – Have an introduction, a summary of the book (no spoilers), then your take on it. Other than that, the organization can be just about any way you choose.
  • Keep it under 1000 words – If you want to write a longer, more detailed essay on the themes, or some particular aspect of a book, submit an editorial instead.
  • Keep it positive – as much as possible. This section is for books you’d rate 3 stars and above. We want to help independent and self-published authors, not sabotage them. If you didn’t like the book, don’t bother submitting a review.
    • Exceptions: There is one exception, if the book is by an already famous author or is published by a major publisher, you don’t need to be positive. If the review is particularly nasty or funny, submit to Lonely Star reviews.
  • No Vulgarity – No swearing, racial slurs or comments that are, on their face, offensive
  • Avoid the Third Rails – Keep your politics or religious beliefs out of the reviews. If you absolutely have to include it, state up front that your critique or comment is biased. (e.g. As a feminist, I found the portrayal of the female character offensive, but others may not). Remember, the purpose of the review is to help connect the book to the people who would enjoy it, and make them aware of what kind of story it is before they spend their money or a minute of their lives reading it.
  • Copying and pasting your review from another site (i.e. Goodreads) is permissible but links to it won’t be included

Lonely Star Reviews:

  • What Qualifies – Big titles and classics only.
  • No Structure, just keep it under 1500 words – Make it funny, witty, even a bit offensive as long as all the jokes are about the book itself, and maybe the author too (nothing too personal though)
  • Vulgarity Permissible – Swearing, offensive content permitted within reason. Don’t go off the deep end
  • Grab those Third Rails – Reviews can be offensive in terms of politics or religion, within reason. Just remember the target of your venom should be the book
  • Graphics – Images can be included when necessary for comedic effect

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