Summer Vacation

Beer Steak Explosions America

– The Staff –

Hello everyone.

Prescient Sci-Fi is going on vacation and will return July 18. We are taking time off from posting content to enjoy the beautiful weather, set off fireworks, grill meat, drink beer, and everything else we are legally required to do to celebrate America.

We will also take a little time to discuss some changes to the website. For starters, we are going to make a greater effort to post reviews for books and TV shows rather than fixating on movies only. We also have plans to invite guests to post or possibly cross-link articles in an effort to spread the love a little more. Finally, we plan to loosen the genre restrictions to discuss movies, shows, and books that may not fit in the science fiction category. You won’t be seeing anything about romance or legal thrillers but you might see a little bit more on fantasy, as well as more on science and technology.

Anyway those are some ideas that are bouncing around.

Happy Fourth of July or whatever holiday fits between July 1st and the 18th for you…


…but really, Happy Fourth of July.




Fourth of July America punching Hitler


America 2