Thoughtcrime 034: I’m Not Saying It’s Aliens, But It’s Aliens

  Jon and I cover some of the big science news in the past few weeks, including the discovery of an Earth-like planet in the Proxima Centauri system, and a way of converting CO2 into energy. There is talk of generation ships, probes, alien contact, hypnosis, and saving the world. The usual. Story of Alien […]

Into the Forest

– By J.W. Fox – Ellen Paige and Evan Rachel Wood star in a surprisingly moving post-apocalyptic film that never made it to American theaters. It isn’t flashy, that’s for sure. You don’t see the cataclysm that brings the world to its knees, nor are there vivid scenes of mass societal collapse. Into the Forest […]

The Cities of the Future

– By Jacob Foxx – The future of humanity is in the cities. Over half of the world population have left the farms and more leave every year. From Fritz Lang’s Metropolis to the Wachowskis and their Neo Seoul of Cloud Atlas, science fiction has produced a diverse and fascinating array of future urban environments. […]

Mighty Thor Bestows a Gift to Humanity: Thorium

– By Paulie Spiceflow – America has a love-hate relationship with the atomic age. It has bestowed so many benefits to humanity while also giving us the unrivaled nightmare of nuclear war. Yet now it seems it could provide the solution to one of the growing global concerns of our time: climate change. Nuclear energy […]

The Ultimate Green Energy: Breakthroughs in Fusion Technology

  – By Jacob Foxx – Anyone who has played SimCity knows fusion is the ultimate power source. It has the potential to produce enormous amounts of electricity with limited radioactive byproducts and no emissions. Scientists have known about fusion for decades but have struggled to make any breakthroughs until recently. Two news releases suggests […]

Graphene Shows Promise as Material of the Future

    – By Jacob Foxx – Science fiction has invented all sorts of materials for the future in an effort to get around the physical limitations of current technologies. Star Trek gave us fictional substances like tritanium, dilithium, and transparent aluminum. Recently, scientists believe they may have discovered a real super material. It is […]

The World in 2025

  By Jacob Foxx Realclearscience had an interesting article detailing nine predictions about the world of 2025. The predictions come from Thomson Reuters, a research firm with a prestigious reputation. All of them are positive and exciting, but a bit too optimistic. The predictions include improvements in treatment and prevention of dementia, rise of solar […]