TC 011: Battlemechs and World Building Tips

Will we ever fight with battlemechs? On this episode I take on the question of whether a walking mech is or will ever be practical on the battlefield. Also, I talk about the prospects of a robot fighting league and a little advice for those writing military science fiction. Here are some links Fighting Robot […]

The Beam by Sean Pratt and Johnny B. Truant

– By Jacob Foxx – Some have argued the science fiction novel is destined for the scrap heap. Movies, television, and graphic novels are superior mediums for portraying speculative worlds. Others say novels are in trouble because of the steadily shrinking attention spans of readers. Their only hope is for authors shorten their novels or […]

The Cities of the Future

– By Jacob Foxx – The future of humanity is in the cities. Over half of the world population have left the farms and more leave every year. From Fritz Lang’s Metropolis to the Wachowskis and their Neo Seoul of Cloud Atlas, science fiction has produced a diverse and fascinating array of future urban environments. […]

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

– By Jacob Foxx – The critically-acclaimed Ancillary Justice does not disappoint. Brilliant world-building, interesting characters, and some unique themes on consciousness make this one of the best high tech novels in years. The novel centers on an military artificial intelligence comprised of a network of AI-controlled soldiers, small ships, and a giant city-sized warship […]

The Imitation Game a Triumphant Biopic of the Great Alan Turing

  – By Paulie Spiceflow – When you ask someone who were the most influential figures of the 20th century, you’ll probably hear names like Martin Luther King, Franklin Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, or maybe Elvis Presley. Certainly all of these were influential but one man arguably contributed more than any other […]