Devil’s Advocate: Was the Empire Really Evil?

– By Jacob Foxx – In science fiction, any entity with the word “empire” or “imperial” in the name, you can bet it is evil. But is that fair? Are empires inherently violent, oppressive, and evil? Today I’ve decided to play devil’s advocate, coming to defense of empire. Technically an empire is a group of […]

Why Does Dystopian Fiction Focus so much on the Young?

– By Jacob Foxx – Popular music has belonged to the youth since MTV. The most popular artists desperately battle for the attention of kids ages 12 to 21, sometimes shamelessly appealing to teenage angst and hormonal overload. Yet it is somewhat surprising to see literature, especially dystopian literature, shift its focus to the youth. […]

The Cities of the Future

– By Jacob Foxx – The future of humanity is in the cities. Over half of the world population have left the farms and more leave every year. From Fritz Lang’s Metropolis to the Wachowskis and their Neo Seoul of Cloud Atlas, science fiction has produced a diverse and fascinating array of future urban environments. […]

2014 in Review: Another Year of Superheroes and Dystopian Romance

  – Paulie Spiceflow – 2014 went largely as 2013 went: superheroes, sexy dystopias, and another promotional film for NASA. We are still a month away from the official end but as far as science fiction goes, the year is over. There were a few bright spots but only a couple truly original movies. Hollywood […]