Tesla Model S: A Glimpse of the Future

– By Jacob Foxx – For almost three decades, people have been waiting for the electric car. And for three decades we’ve driven gas-guzzling, air polluting cars. Why hasn’t science been able to make this highly sought after breakthrough? With the millions in research and development spending and government subsidies, it is a wonder why […]

Are We Using up Earth’s Resources?

  By Jacob Foxx Are we using up the Earth? Many are convinced that humanity is on the verge of depleting the planet of its natural resources, leading to our inevitable demise. In Joss Whedon’s Firefly, the voice over says humanity is forced to leave Earth after we “used up” everything there. In the movie […]

The World in 2025

  By Jacob Foxx Realclearscience had an interesting article detailing nine predictions about the world of 2025. The predictions come from Thomson Reuters, a research firm with a prestigious reputation. All of them are positive and exciting, but a bit too optimistic. The predictions include improvements in treatment and prevention of dementia, rise of solar […]