Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin

– J.W. Fox – In what is the first book review in over a year, I decided to go with the most critically-acclaimed speculative fiction series at the moment, the first novel in the Broken Earth Series, The Fifth Season. It is called a science fantasy novel but I don’t really know why a subgenre […]

Stories of Your Life and Others by Ted Chiang

– By J. W. Fox – The movie Arrival introduced the unique work of Ted Chiang to a broader audience. Chiang, who has published a little over a dozen short stories and novelettes, is a unique writer adored among the literary elites. Seven of his fifteen works were nominated for major literary awards (Hugo, Nebula, […]

TC 005: Sad Puppies

I go solo to discuss the controversy surrounding this year’s Hugo Awards. An insurgent group of angry authors and fans calling themselves Sad Puppies have hijacked the awards, getting their own slate of books nominated in every category.   Is it establishment versus outsiders? Is it liberal versus conservative? Or is it multiculturalism versus intolerance? […]

Sad Puppies Reveal Worst Kept Secret in Science Fiction

– By Paulie Spiceflow – When awards are handed out, there are always people who complain the process is unfair or biased. Course, there is always a bias when a small group is claiming to be the ultimate authority on artistic quality. A growing number have noticed something odd going on with the Hugo Awards. […]