Vacant Expressions 69: Event Horizon Project and More

Jon and Wes start with a random discussion on whether they should avoid trailers before a movie or analyze them closely for clues like so many. Then they move on to the big science news, the Event Horizon Project about to release the first images of a black hole ever!!!! If only Stephen Hawking had […]

Sadly, Science Fiction is Still a Boys’ Club

 – By Paulie Spiceflow –   Back in the old days it was common for movies to portray women as submissive helpless dames, meant only to fall in love with the protagonist, get kidnapped by the villain, then rescued, then everyone lives happily ever after. Smacking and arm-twisting were perfectly acceptable (because, you know, women […]

2014 in Review: Another Year of Superheroes and Dystopian Romance

  – Paulie Spiceflow – 2014 went largely as 2013 went: superheroes, sexy dystopias, and another promotional film for NASA. We are still a month away from the official end but as far as science fiction goes, the year is over. There were a few bright spots but only a couple truly original movies. Hollywood […]

Interstellar: Long, Complicated but Impressive

– Jacob Foxx – Hollywood usually places actual science secondary to entertainment. When Hollywood decides to be ambitious and create a thoughtful sci-fi film, fans should take notice. Interstellar offers an intellectually-stimulating story along with its amazing visual effects and solid acting. The writers and producers should be applauded for taking on such an ambitious project […]

How Do Build An Interstellar Civilization

  – By Paulie Spiceflow – The movie Interstellar has many people talking about space travel. Some believe that for human civilization to survive long term, we must colonize other planets to ensure a single catastrophic event on Earth won’t wipe out the species. We could move somewhere nearby like Mars but some think we […]