Thoughtcrime 022: The War Against the Machines Part 2

  On Part 2 of our discussion of the war against the machines, Jon and I cover the more common fears of AI, namely revolution and subjugation at the hands of our robot overlords. We discuss movies like Terminator, The Matrix, as well as Ex Machina, I, Robot, and many others. There is also discussion […]

How Do Build An Interstellar Civilization

  – By Paulie Spiceflow – The movie Interstellar has many people talking about space travel. Some believe that for human civilization to survive long term, we must colonize other planets to ensure a single catastrophic event on Earth won’t wipe out the species. We could move somewhere nearby like Mars but some think we […]

The Movies of Fall

                    – By Paulie Spiceflow – The summer of giant lizards, apes, and superheroes is over. The falling temperatures and turning leaves bring a change in mood. Explosions, martial arts fighting, and witty one-liners just don’t do it anymore. That doesn’t mean we won’t have blockbusters. […]