Poor Man’s Fight by Elliott Kay

– By Jacob Foxx – Amazon has been an excellent platform for self-published and indie authors over the past five years. As part of the enterprise, they established Amazon Publishing which has a family of imprints, including 47North and Skyscape. Elliott Kay’s Poor Man’s Fight is one of many success stories among the Amazon imprints. […]

Sadly, Science Fiction is Still a Boys’ Club

 – By Paulie Spiceflow –   Back in the old days it was common for movies to portray women as submissive helpless dames, meant only to fall in love with the protagonist, get kidnapped by the villain, then rescued, then everyone lives happily ever after. Smacking and arm-twisting were perfectly acceptable (because, you know, women […]

Ark Royal by Christopher Nuttall

– By Jacob Foxx – With Ark Royal, what you see is what you get. There’s a giant spaceship on the cover with a couple starfighters blasting away over some alien planet. Inside there are mass drivers, plasma cannons, rail guns, nuclear missiles, alien spaceships, and all sorts of other cool stuff. It reads like […]