Earthbound by Mark R. Healy

– By Jacob Foxx – We are in the midst of some sort of golden age for post-apocalyptic/dystopian fiction. From movies to short stories, there’s a growing appetite for hellholes and oppressive totalitarian governments. As such it is difficult for any particular novel that stands out (unless they’re making a movie out of it). On […]

Why Does Dystopian Fiction Focus so much on the Young?

– By Jacob Foxx – Popular music has belonged to the youth since MTV. The most popular artists desperately battle for the attention of kids ages 12 to 21, sometimes shamelessly appealing to teenage angst and hormonal overload. Yet it is somewhat surprising to see literature, especially dystopian literature, shift its focus to the youth. […]

The Peripheral by William Gibson

– By Jacob Foxx – William Gibson, author of the first cyberpunk novel Neuromancer, offers up a sophisticated, twisted tale of murder, time travel, humanoid robot interface, nanno-swarms, assemblers, invisible cars, and deadly drones. The Peripheral is surprisingly original with a fascinating twist on time travel fiction. The story is long and a little convoluted, […]