Thoughtcrime 027: Mary Sue/Marty Stu Character

  I go solo for this episode to discuss character development, and a common mistake many new authors make: creating a Mary Sue/Marty Stu character.

Thoughtcrime 022: The War Against the Machines Part 2

  On Part 2 of our discussion of the war against the machines, Jon and I cover the more common fears of AI, namely revolution and subjugation at the hands of our robot overlords. We discuss movies like Terminator, The Matrix, as well as Ex Machina, I, Robot, and many others. There is also discussion […]

2015 Prescient Sci Fi Movie(s) of the Year

– The Editors – This year we decided to try to come up with a consensus movie of the year. We failed. So instead we made a list of the top 3 movies of the year. It wasn’t easy. Overall, 2015 was a strong year for science fiction with great films in several subgenres. Space […]

Writing with an Agenda

– Paulie Spiceflow – What is the difference between thoughtful social commentary and blatant political propaganda? Science fiction authors often try to do one but end up doing the other. Some works become literary classics while others are dismissed as preachy, shameless propaganda and fall into irrelevance. Why does some social science fiction novels thrive […]

How to Write Bad Science Fiction

– By Jacob Foxx – Great novels are each great in their own unique way. Terrible novels are usually terrible for many of the same reasons. Discussing bad writing isn’t about bashing certain books or authors; it is about explaining what not to do. Avoid the common pitfalls and you have a better chance of […]

Devil’s Advocate: Was the Empire Really Evil?

– By Jacob Foxx – In science fiction, any entity with the word “empire” or “imperial” in the name, you can bet it is evil. But is that fair? Are empires inherently violent, oppressive, and evil? Today I’ve decided to play devil’s advocate, coming to defense of empire. Technically an empire is a group of […]

Review: Terminator Genisys

– Paulie Spiceflow – Another classic franchise is in serious trouble of being bled to death by Hollywood. After the groundbreaking Terminator 2: Judgment Day, we’ve been treated to two straight mediocre sequels. Now make that three. Terminator Genisys bends what little reality was left in the story to the point where it all might […]