Impressive Debut for The Expanse

– Paulie Spiceflow – Space is finally returning to science fiction. After years of superheroes, zombies, and time travel it appears we are shifting back towards the more classical tropes of the genre, much to my delight. Syfy’s The Expanse, based on the bestselling series by James S.A. Corey, premiered on Monday and impressed many […]

SyFy Heading in Right Direction with Childhood’s End

– Jacob Foxx – Arthur C. Clarke’s classic gets a modern remake, complete with high-end special effects and a couple high profile cast members. What really presented a challenge was how to create a compelling TV miniseries based on the dry, detached source material. Some of the problems with bringing the Clarke work to life […]

A Shroud of Night and Tears by Lucas Bale

– By Jacob Foxx – The gritty Beyond the Wall series by Lucas Bale has needed a third book to finally unify the various story lines of the first two novels. The third installment delivers, advancing the series into a wider universe vastly expanding the scale. Exciting, well-written, and complex, it is definitely worth picking […]

Dear Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fans, Stop Arguing Over Labels!

-By Jacob Foxx and Paulie Spiceflow – Visit any sci-fi convention, fan club, book club, author panel, or discussion forum and you will find it. Grown men and women, many of them highly educated, arguing over labels. “I don’t consider BLANK science fiction” or “that isn’t really space opera” or “that is totally hard science […]