Incorporated: Thrilling Dystopian Drama or Progressive Propaganda?

– By J. W. Fox – Matt Damon and Ben Affleck joined forces once again, this time to create a dystopian drama about inequality, climate change, and corporations. The aptly named Incorporated premiered on Syfy to generally positive reviews. No stranger to social science fiction, it is obvious why Matt Damon came on board as […]

Season Two Finale of Dark Matter Leaves Us Hangin’ Again

  – By Paulie Spiceflow – ***Warning: Season 2 Spoilers Follow*** Season 2 of Dark Matter concluded Friday with another cliffhanger, just like season 1. The crew of the Raza is in grave peril, while sinister plots unfold. Like Killjoys, the writers of Dark Matter like to leave a big mess at the end of […]

Season 2 of Killjoys Ends in Chaotic Mess

– By Paulie Spiceflow – Syfy Channel’s summer lineup is reaching the end of the season, starting with the space opera Killjoys. I started watching this show only a month ago, and I apologize for being so far behind on my sci-fi shows. In my defense, I caught up quickly and have been watching with […]

The Expanse Ends on Dramatic yet Inconclusive Note

– By Paulie Spiceflow – The season finale of the new sci-fi TV series The Expanse, leaves more questions than answers. Like many TV dramas, The Expanse tries to keep fans wanting more, generating excitement for the next season. Course, there is always the risk you bore your audience with a plot that never seems […]

Impressive Debut for The Expanse

– Paulie Spiceflow – Space is finally returning to science fiction. After years of superheroes, zombies, and time travel it appears we are shifting back towards the more classical tropes of the genre, much to my delight. Syfy’s The Expanse, based on the bestselling series by James S.A. Corey, premiered on Monday and impressed many […]

SyFy Heading in Right Direction with Childhood’s End

– Jacob Foxx – Arthur C. Clarke’s classic gets a modern remake, complete with high-end special effects and a couple high profile cast members. What really presented a challenge was how to create a compelling TV miniseries based on the dry, detached source material. Some of the problems with bringing the Clarke work to life […]