Thoughtcrime 023: Batman vs. Superman

  Microsoft Matt and I review the highly anticipated Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Matt makes a strong, energetic case for the movie in the face of some tough reviews from critics, while I try to review from a non-comic book fan perspective. The fact that I’m a Batman fanatic also might be some […]

Thoughtcrime 022: The War Against the Machines Part 2

  On Part 2 of our discussion of the war against the machines, Jon and I cover the more common fears of AI, namely revolution and subjugation at the hands of our robot overlords. We discuss movies like Terminator, The Matrix, as well as Ex Machina, I, Robot, and many others. There is also discussion […]

Thoughtcrime 021: War Against the Machines Part 1

This is part 1 of an extended talk on the inevitable war against the machines. In this episode we talk automation and what it means for our economy but also our civilization. We discuss the dystopian future of WALL-E, The Time Machine, and others. We also go on a couple tangents such as the food […]

TC 018: How to Write Bad Science Fiction

  I go solo in this episode to go over the five ways to write an absolute dumpster fire of a novel. Drawing on my own experiences, input from editors and literary agents, and advice from other authors, I put together a good list of ways beginning sci-fi authors can fail, and how to avoid […]

TC 012: Mockingjay and Thoughts on Hunger Games Trilogy

I go solo to discuss The Hunger Games Trilogy and its ridiculous success. How did Suzanne Collins do it? How do I write a bestseller and make insane amounts of money? Also I reference several internet memes that might need some explanation.                           […]