Vacant Expressions 67: Love, Death and Robots

Netflix released a new anthology of animated science fiction and fantasy shorts called Love, Death, and Robots. Wes and Jon got a chance to watch all 18 of them and are eager to talk about their favorites, and the not-so-favorites. WARNING: Spoilers for most Episodes.

Midnight Special

– By J.W. Fox and Paulie Spiceflow – This low-key thriller was a welcome surprise after a line of underwhelming indie sci-fi movies reviewed here on Midnight Special manages to generate suspense with only a few special effects and action sequences, all of which are done very well. At the same time, it is […]

Soul Continuum by Simon West-Bulford

– By Jacob Foxx – Soul Continuum is the second book in an ambitious and thought-provoking series that challenges readers with some heavy metaphysical questions. Perhaps best classified as hard science fiction, it covers several scientific disciplines and theories including computer science, quantum physics, multiverse theory, teleportation, re-spawning, and neuroscience. At the same time, West-Bulford […]

Review: Terminator Genisys

– Paulie Spiceflow – Another classic franchise is in serious trouble of being bled to death by Hollywood. After the groundbreaking Terminator 2: Judgment Day, we’ve been treated to two straight mediocre sequels. Now make that three. Terminator Genisys bends what little reality was left in the story to the point where it all might […]

The Peripheral by William Gibson

– By Jacob Foxx – William Gibson, author of the first cyberpunk novel Neuromancer, offers up a sophisticated, twisted tale of murder, time travel, humanoid robot interface, nanno-swarms, assemblers, invisible cars, and deadly drones. The Peripheral is surprisingly original with a fascinating twist on time travel fiction. The story is long and a little convoluted, […]

The Soul Consortium by Simon West-Bulford

The Soul Consortium has incredible depth, scientific brilliance, captivating narration, and an ending that left me asking myself dozens of questions about the experience. Novels like this are extremely rare. Salem Ben is the last of his kind, an advanced human living on a vast artificial moon known as the soul consortium. Technology allows humanity […]