Never Mind the Journey, Modern Heroes Change World Through Inherited Power

  – By J.W. Fox – Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey has influenced many hit movies and TV shows. Lately, it seems the journey in the hero’s journey isn’t that important. The hero is born with everything he needs. Campbell put great emphasis on the journey (obviously), breaking it down into 17 distinct stages loaded with […]

Thoughtcrime 027: Mary Sue/Marty Stu Character

  I go solo for this episode to discuss character development, and a common mistake many new authors make: creating a Mary Sue/Marty Stu character.

TC 012: Mockingjay and Thoughts on Hunger Games Trilogy

I go solo to discuss The Hunger Games Trilogy and its ridiculous success. How did Suzanne Collins do it? How do I write a bestseller and make insane amounts of money? Also I reference several internet memes that might need some explanation.                           […]