Thoughtcrime 50: Nineteen Eighty-Four Revisited


It has been 68 years since George Orwell’s classic was published. Arguably the greatest dystopian novel of all time, its insights into totalitarianism helped generations better understand the nightmares of the modern world. Nuclear weapons, communism, and technological breakthroughs reshaped the world but at the time of the novel’s publication, it was unclear what that world was going to look like at the end of the 20th century. Orwell wrote the novel as a warning to the free peoples that survived World War 2 and looked forward to a world even more dangerous than the one that preceded it.

The novel has had an extroardinary influence on my worldview and changed my political ideals when I first read it in college. Since then, its influence has not waned. The podcast Thoughtcrime, takes its name from the Orwell classic.

Join me in this very special episode of Thoughtcrime as I revisit the dystopian classic and cover how it is still very relevant today.