We’re Back


After a long and unexpected hiatus, Prescient Sci Fi has returned.

Did you miss us?

Don’t lie.

…Yeah, we were gone for like three months. You didn’t notice?

Oh. I see. Well… moving along,

Along with a nice long break, some changes are coming. Prescient will still be a blog for nerds but will no longer be focused on science fiction. We are keeping the name because it is too much work to change it from Presicent Sci Fi to just Prescient or whatever. We’re lazy like that.

Articles will be done a little differently. No more obeying our SEO overlords with their tips on how to make blogs the easiest to find and read. As it turns out, being a slave to SEO waters down the articles until they are of no interest to anyone, anywhere, ever. We don’t want to do that here anymore.

You will still find reviews for movies, TV, and books here. You’ll also find the occasional article on science, technology, culture, current events, and a few random ones thrown whenever we feel like it.

We are also committed to providing more content on a more consistent basis. Daily is probably a little too ambitious but we’ll go for a couple a week, minimum. If we find some new contributors, maybe we can become a daily. We’ll see. If you’re interested contact us through the form.

Also, the Thoughtcrime Podcast will be changing name and format. More details on that later. Same deal, no more science fiction-0nly. Time to branch out a bit more.

That’s all for now.

Hope you enjoy all that is to come.